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I’m a Dutch lady that recently discovered that I’m actually not that grand in thinking very clear and deep thoughts. I want to ponder over stuff but my mind gets easily distracted, wandering around, not paying attention to the things I want to focus on. And so I decided to look around for information that might help me put boundaries to my thoughts so that my mind can gently swivel around in the areas of my chosen attention.

When looking into this information I decided it might not only help me but others too. And so I decided to hammer up a website that shows the contents of this research through blog posts. As I wish that this website is more then just informative I’ve also included actionable items that are related to the things found.

All research is present in the blog but, as you might well imagine; my search for knowledge did lead me zigzagging through the landscape of topics on the mind and so in the end I decided to create a book in which the posts are organized in a more logical way. As a bonus I also include a thing I dubbed ‘the Dutch style learning method’, that makes sure you easily pick up the provided techniques by really plunging yourself into taming the mind. It ensures the quickest way forwards to think smarter.

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