Day 1: Why should you want to think smarter in action

Perhaps I’m telling you something new; but if you want to think smarter you truly need to read the stuff this website contains. I wish I could do a quick upload to your brain in a similar way as I can load a new font into my laptop and use it right away. But that is simply not how it works. So first action item is this:

  • Decide how often in the week and during which timeframe you’ll read a blog post / piece of my book and stick with it!

I’ve once heard that if you keep up with a resolution for six weeks you change it into a habit and will be able to do it effortless. But as we’re just at the beginning, we first need to spark that habit. So I want you to do the following.

To do’s

  • Where do you normally have your to do list? Is this a list that lies next to your keyboard? Is this your agenda? Do you use some kind of planner tool? Or is your inbox of your email account?
  • How often in the week do you want to invest in thinking smarter? I would advice at least three times a week to really being able to comprehend all provided information quick and seeing results faster, but it must be doable for you. Sometimes it is better to lower the amount ‘sessions’ (I’m beginning to sound like a psychiatrist over here), so that you are able to keep up and commit to your promise, then to set them to high.
  • Write down in the to do list of your preference which days of the week and when exactly you want to read the blog content. Make it easy for yourself by stating my website url: wherever you note this down. All of my blog posts are numbered with day numbers. Of course you can read multiple days in one go, but you can also decide to read one post per day. In that case (and if your to do list of choice makes this possible) number the blog posts on your to do list so you easily know when you should read what.

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