Day 1: Why should you want to think smarter?

I want to write a book, a novel, but I’m stuck. The thing is, I’m stuck for over a decade now. The part that I got stuck with is quite essential: the plot. I already figured out the start and the end, but for twelve years now I’ve no clue how the characters move from the beginning to a logical end. That is my story, yours can be truly different, but as you are still reading this I feel confident to conclude that we’re both in need of better thinking capabilities to help us move forwards.

During my daytime job I work with statisticians. One of the statisticians told me that he used to operate in the field of experimental mathematics. He sat for days on end just thinking, doing nothing physical what so ever, only use the muscles of the brain. That form of contemplation, deep thoughts, pondering, smart thinking is something my brain is hardly capable of. My brain soon begins to wander around, thinking about the groceries that need to be bought, the meeting that needs to be prepared and the overall to do list of totally non-related stuff, it even hears the clock ticking – not a focused mind I confess.

I’m sure that as my brain seems incapable of delving into a specific area I want to focus on, I’m a bit of a slow learner. ‘Getting things’ in the sense of really truly understanding the specific topic often means that your brain must chew on the information. Only understanding a provided example in the textbook is not good enough. You have to be able to examine the thing from above, the sides and below to be able to answer correctly during tests. Understanding things also helps to remember it and use it in the future with more ease.

And so I’ve set myself a goal: instead of realizing that my novel still did not move another bit towards having a plot after yet another twelve years, I better start my research about how to handle my brain so that it can focus on a specific topic and think smarter.

I’ve decided to put this research on the digital highway as I’m sure it can help others as well. Each day I will focus on a piece of information I found and tie conclusions to each section. These posts are quite randomly ordered taking you on my journey in the same order as I followed it myself – as up front you’ll never know where new information might logically snuggle in between other found gems of knowledge . But the accompanying book all is ordered in a more logical way.

I also insert actionable items in between the research posts that truly help to implement the conclusions in daily live. Knowledge about how to move towards smarter thinking is one thing but in order to truly help your brain boxing of an area where it can focus, we need to have conclusions transferred to actions.

The book has something extra that I think is very worthwhile. It is the reason why I call the subtitle: mind enhancement Dutch style. Dutch style is pointing towards the Delft method (Delft is an old town in the Netherlands where this method was developed). The Delft method is a way of learning a new language by really plunging yourself into that language without being allowed to use any vocabulary other than the one you want to learn. This will ensure that you pick up the language in the fastest way possible. And that is how I would like to focus on taming the brain too. Thinking is something we do all the time. But the quality of thoughts might not be what we desire. To enhance thinking in a fast way, I impose the Delft method within my book. Bathing in the new style of contemplation from the get-go ensures the best and quickest way forwards to think smarter.


  • If you are able to acknowledge that your brain isn’t performing to its best capabilities when it comes to thinking smarter, read on.
  • The following posts are all based on pieces of information I found when trying to learn how I could focus my mind into thinking in a smart way.
  • Each post is followed by conclusions.
  • The conclusions are converted in actionable items.
  • While the posts are in the same order as I came across the information, the book has reshuffled the information in a more logical sense.
  • The book has additional information to help you to very quickly convert the information, conclusions and actionable items into a form that helps you to thinking smarter quickly – Dutch style.

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