Day 10: How to study

Wow, I found a gem on YouTube that has a very great set of movies on the topic of how best to study. The name of the great sir that provides all the inspiration is: Thomas Frank.

You can find all his you tube movies here:

He also has his own website called, where you can also spend hours on end reading blog post and listening to podcasts. I almost wonder why I ever started this website with that many awesome people that share such a good content.

I have seen just a few of his you tube movies and just registered for the free eBook of 10 steps to earning awesome grades that I surely will devour. I have here listed at random the stuff I already learned, but I certainly recommend to check him out yourself!

  1. Remember what you study by using a flash card system on which you write questions and answers. If you have a question correct it goes to a pile to review the next day. If you got it correct the second time it moves up a slot to revise after every second day, then once per week, then once bi-weekly and lastly review before the exam. Incorrectly answered cards shift al the way back to review every day. In that way you’re only revising the topics you really struggling with. I never heard of this method, but I certainly will use it soon!
  2. Omit tiredness from your life by following some simple rules like drinking sufficient fluids (no power drinks or coffee, better stick to water or if you must to whole leaf teas), go to bed on time (no brainer, but still a good habit to nurture), take care of your sleeping cycles of +/- 90 minutes, if your alarm goes off in the middle of one, you’re bound to be tired. So if you awake before your alarm clock goes off, just rise instead of dozing off and feeling more tired (very good tip I hadn’t thought about before!)
  3. 10 books every student must read. Well I selected 6 of them, already a huge number for my tightwad orientated Dutch genes J. I did leave out Your money, the missing manual, as my Dutch genes prevent me from overspending anyway and we do not have a credit card system in this country (we use mainly debit cards and we are generally speaking saving folk in Holland). But I’m highly intrigued for the book The Productivity Project (about a man that incorporated some of the timesaving tips vigorously on himself during a year and reports what works and what does not), Deep Work (now I really should quit with this blog, as the man has already wrote an entire book about it…), A mind for numbers (which is in essence based on a course provided on Coursera, which I followed as well and was really enlightening). And I ordered some more books, but  I shall review those later on.

All I can now do is binge watch the content of the you tube videos of Mr. Frank…


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