Day 11: Create an impossible list in action

You really need to stand still and mull over this one, trust me. But it does provide me with a good idea on which fields I want to be working on. Do you know that feeling that you have when you’re doing something and then thinking; boy o boy this is grand, why didn’t I do this before? Well, making the list ensures that you that you will take the steps towards your goals without months and even years flying by where you live only thinking once in a while about the loveliness of reaching a goal.

Here are your action steps so you really can work on your impossible list.

To do’s

  1. Decide which grand areas of your life you want to focus on (like work, health, food, etc). If you don’t know exactly use the lists of Sir Frank or Sir Runyon to get inspired.
  2. Decide the sub goals of the area’s. Don’t be apprehensive, why not put all of them – even those crazy ideas that fluttered by – on your list, it is after all an impossible list, right?
  3. I like to add to my impossible list a column with start date and status.
  4. I’m a sucker for progress so after each goal, I add my next action step to achieve that goal.
  5. Share the impossible list publicly so that you can be held accountable. You’ll see mine here!
  6. Keep your list in a visible place (preferably use a bulletin board which can be located in a place that you often pass by)
  7. Keep checking your list in regular intervals to see how you’re doing. I have set a monthly alarm on my smart phone that reminds me of truly checking the list (yes I know, you smart folk out there are now probably wondering about point 6: why on earth would that crazy Dutch lady keep it on a visible place as she also makes a reminder on her phone?) Well, I don’t know how it works in the rest of the world, but in my house new features like bulletin boards I see very clearly one week after placement (perhaps two weeks if I made a particularly nice bulletin board), and thereafter I just glance over it without realizing. So a regular reminder in audio form will be in handy some day.

I’ve actually created a separate webpage for my own impossible list as well as a paper version (complete with all stuff nice, shiny and colorful so I hardly can walk passed it without noticing. Please view my full webpage on the topic here.


Impossible list

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