Day 11: Create an impossible list

First books I’ve finished reading (see blog 10) and so I directed my attention once more to the website of Tomas Frank (who’s book: “10 Steps to earning awesome grades” I read too – handy if you can speedread :-), awesome book by the way).

I shall share loads more on the books I’ve read in future blogs, but as a human pinball, I will first direct my attention to something Sir Frank told me in his first follow up email: create an impossible list. He did not invent it himself, it was originally created by Joel Runyon but I do like the idea. I’m a goaly kind of girl, but more on the short term. When I figured I really needed to learn to play the guitar I looked for a tutor (and found a very nifty one indeed). When I wanted to do a sport and heard from a friend awesome stories about rowing, I enlisted to a crew class near to where I live (it does come in handy to live in a country like mine with loads of water). But really make a list out of them, I haven’t done that until now. But it is I guess a good thing to do. You really can grow faster if you do work towards stuff without doing it haphazardly as I did before. I read this too in Deep Work (Cal Newport), so that means it must be true :-).


  • Create an impossible list to attain your life goals faster

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