Day 8: Thinking smart helps me, I’ve got proof!

Well here the very first blog post with just a musing, not even a question. No assignments today folks! If this makes you happy please provide thumbs up in the comment section 🙂

Wow!!! I’ve got proof that my smart ways does help me! Actually made some cash with it along the way. You remember day 2 where I provided the assignment to really analyze something you liked in order to ruminate good mental food? Yeah, I know, that tricky assignment where you really had to do stuff like do some research on your own chosen topic, that I do fear no one else then me did.

I choose Monet back then and analyzed the way he painted his landscapes. I saw how he blurred things and put stark contrasts next to each other in his water lily paintings. With this knowledge I went to Amsterdam, one of my favorite places to paint. There I set up my easel and started putting the knowledge into practice.

I sat on the site of the canal (you have many of those down there, trust me on this) and watched the reflections in the water with a canal boat at the other side (we have loads of those too).

Amsterdam canal

The main portion of the image I was looking at wasn’t that interesting, brown water, some reflections and some birds drifting by. But so were the paintings of Monet of simple water lilies. So I started to work. First the undercoating, painting everything gray except for a few light spots. And in pencil the scenery I was looking at…

Amsterdam canal painting 1

Then slowly the colors were added, loads of browns and actually quite dull colors that Monet used in his paintings as well…

Amsterdam canal painting 2

And slowly filling up the rest of the scene…

Amsterdam canal painting 3

When working on it I began to see more and more. The tire that the birds had made a nest in, the neat reflection of a warehouse in the water, the greenery on the canal boat near to me, and there I was, finished…

Amsterdam canal painting 4

I actually liked how the painting turned out and the day after it was exhibited in a gallery where it was sold on the same day!!! I did have the chance to speak with the buyers and told them how I had analysed Monet and tried to copy his way of working with colors and scenes. I’m not entirely sure if I followed all of his ways, my painting definitely cannot be compared with a Monet, but still, I sold it!!!


  • Performing the action items that are provided does make you smarter (and richer along the way)

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