Day 9: How to increase productivity

I found a website called SkillShare, which has very good quality content and is working truly intuitive to find the correct courses (search for instance on productivity). look for  Real Productivity: Create Your Ideal Week

In a few videos the actual founder of SkillShare: Michael Karnjanaprakorn (you might need a separate course in learning how to pronounce his beautiful surname) tells us how he makes sure he does the tasks he really want to do and truly delivers it. He has several ways to increase productivity:

  1. Start small, change one habit a week, that is hard enough
  2. Plan, Do, Review cycle in which you do the following:
    1. Plan
      1. Set up 3 priorities for the week (3 goals)
      2. Set up 3 priorities (sub goals) for the day to reach the 3 goals
  • Determine 3 wins for the week.
  1. Do
    1. Translate your priorities in to-do’s and set them up in your calendar
  2. Review at the end of the week the following
    1. What were my goals?
    2. What did I accomplish?
      1. What are the big wins for the week
      2. What are the big misses or learnings
      3. What are the priorities for the following week?
  • What are the 3 outcomes (what do you want to celebrate)
  1. Apps that help you with the above
    1. I would really advice you to check out skill share yourself to see what he recommends, I’m guaranteeing, they’re good!

It is really nice that he takes you along in his own calendar and shows how he sets things up. He’s also not shy in admitting what didn’t work out for him or he struggles with. All in all good stuff to really incorporate if you want to move forward like I would like to do.


  • Don’t try to tackle multiple habits in one go
  • Per week, plan 3 goals for the week, 3 sub goals per day, and determine 3 wins for the week
  • Set these goals as timeblocks in your calendar
  • Review at the end of the week

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