My impossible list

Impossible list

My brother always likes to share his quote “your only wealth is health”. He tosses it in regularly, in any conversation, whether it is related or not. But I recently wondered.. yeah, health is totally important and probably everybody’s highest goal (both physically and mentally, although there is sufficient evidence that show that we don’t always push forwards these goals). But shouldn’t we strive for a bit more to really feel worthwhile? So I adjusted his quote slightly, and this it became:

Your only wealth is health and personal development

Yeah, I know, I suck at writing strong quotes :-), but that is not the point.

To work on my personal development I started up this website. But if you want to think smarter and thereby become smarter, there is something you need: a subject to toss around in your brain to think smart about, right? And so I need to have topics I want to become smart in. Sir Frank was my inspiration for a so called Impossible list. He learned it from Sir Runyon who started calling it the Impossible list, a list that you really need to strive for and has goals that will not come easy. These goals are not items on some shopping list that you can buy in the supermarket. In other words, you cannot pay for it to have it, like you would pay for a sky dive as it is an item on bucket list. It is truly something to invest in yourself.

So here is my list, I also have it written out on paper and it hangs in my hallway as a constant reminder what my goals are. Below the grand goals are to-do action items that will move forward the goals.

My impossible list

HealthBeing stronger Daily workout01JAN2021unfinished
Having more energyGetting onto my bike more often01JAN2021unfinished
Being more flexible and relaxedFollow Tai Chi01JAN2021unfinished
FoodGet all veggies I eat from my own gardenOrder seeds01JAN2021unfinished
Stop eating sugar altogetherRemove items with sugar from kitchen01JAN2021unfinished
Become a savory cooking starTry out vegan recipies once a week01JAN2021unfinished
Manual skillsLearn how to crochetSearch for a good pattern to follow online01JAN2021unfinished
Learn how to play the guitar flawlessDevice practice strategy01JAN2021unfinished
Learn how type quicker & use more shortcutsUse websites to help to improve typing speed01JAN2021unfinished
Knowledge skillsLearn all countries, capitals and their location by heartPrint out memory cards01JAN2021unfinished
Learn Cultural studiesFollow course of OU01JAN2021unfinished
Learn about molecular geneticsRead through course book01JAN2021unfinished
Learn about different codesCreate an account at the Khan Academy01FEB2021unfinished
Learn about learning techniquesRead self help books on topic01JAN2021unfinished
ProjectsWrite a fiction bookDevice a plan to keep working on the different story01JUN2021unfinished
Produce as much food in my garden as possibleCreate a planting and succession schedule01MAR2021unfinished
Diminish wastage and trashWrite a blog and keep actively finding ways01APR2021unfinished
Reduce billsFind ways to diminish costs01MAY2021unfinished
Expand international networkSend invitation to someone that I would like to meet01JUN2021unfinished
Design digital humanDevelop code on atom level01MAR2021unfinished

Boy, loads to do, and not many small projects either. But hey, it is after all an impossible list, right :-).