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the goal

My believe is that you always benefit from investing time in personal development. I myself started this site because I wanted to improve. Improve on thinking clearly. Too many times I was hindered by the fact that I just couldn’t focus. I notice that I cannot really ponder about an idea / a thought / a complex problem that needs solving. Whether it is based on a topic I truly want to learn about (like learning how to program in Java), a report that needs to be created for work, or just thinking about the plot of a story. It hinders me that I seem not to be capable of deep thoughts. I would like to be able to set up a box ring in my mind in which my thoughts are contained to focus on just the preferred topic. No side tracks and rabbit holes allowed.

And so I promised to myself: I will invest the winter of 2020 to reading and learning about how to get my brain in check. And in doing so I decided to take volunteers along. If you too would like to learn about increasing the smartness of your brain I welcome you to accompany me on my journey.

There are two ways to follow me:

  1. Go to the blog posts. I share here the information I found online and in books and courses related to this topic.
the research

The research posts are recognizable with the logo showing a notebook. They have links that show where I’ve retrieved the information from. Each post begins with what I learned from the source and ends with conclusions. If you are in a hurry to get your mind enhanced you could read the conclusions first and then decide if you want to read the entire post, I all leave it up to you.

the actions

Then there are actionable items. They follow upon the research posts and have accompanying actions that are related to the information just given. I truly recommend that you follow these as they will let you ‘play’ with the provided information in another way. Knowledge on its own is worthless if you do not use it to improve yourself. How many a time have you read interesting ideas and just forgotten about them even though you would have liked to implement them in your own live? Prevent it by following my actionable items. Get yourself a nice notebook (either physical or digital) and follow along with the assignments. I will sometimes refer back to previous actionable items, so please keep it close by.

the questions

Sometimes the blog posts are not based on either research or actionable items, I just post here my personal thoughts and where I feel I am in my journey. I posts here ideas about future alleys I wish to to discover and how I use the knowledge gained from previous research in my daily live.

  1. Go to the book page on my website. In the end – when I feel like I’ve gained a sufficient body of knowledge – I will go through the effort of logically order it (the blog posts might be a bit arbitrary in their order as I was just on the journey myself). It will also have the actionable items but it will better ensure that you really own the knowledge in such a way that can use it when confronted with new stuff to ponder about. If you arrive at my book page but find that there is nothing to purchase yet, please leave your email address so I can notify you once it is available.

I would love to hear what you think about this endeavor of mine. I’m also highly interested if you have suggestions about what I should take a look at. Perhaps you know about websites, courses, books that might be of interest. Heck, perhaps you’ve written a book yourself about the subject. I would love to know and will do my utmost to answer you back as soon as possible if you leave a message behind.

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It is a course I took when I was in my first year of college. We all needed to do an extracurricular course that was not related to our education. I chose speed reading, and all friends called me brave. It was a course that took 10 weeks. To receive the obligatory certificate you needed to read an article of 5 pages full of text in 5 minutes and then answer 30 questions out of which you should have 90% correctly answered to prove you had truly grasped all of it. So not only did you need to read fast but also remember what you had read. And believe me the text was not a short version of Alice in Wonderland. It was about the history of Congo, with loads of dates and events and names. It was beforehand known that the teacher loved to find the most complex articles to test out our speed read capabilities. There were actually stories from peers that failed their year because they got stuck on this extracurricular course. I flunked the first time (like 81% of my course mates), I had 26 of the 30 answers correctly answered, giving me 86% correct… I was bummed. At my second attempt I was  quite desperate. The text was concerning the economical structure of Japan. Not only loads of dates, events and names but financial numbers on top of it. But I passed!!! Just with one incorrect answer. Since then I took two other speed read courses (just for the fun of it and because you have quite a lot of techniques you can implement). I would love to share this with you and therefore if you would sign up for my news letter, this is bonus is all yours!

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