The Book

I’m going to consolidate all blog posts and actionable items into a book. Of course I can only do so once I have a bit of a substantial body of research with accompanying to do’s. The best thing about the book opposed to my blog posts: they will be sorted in a logical order. The blog posts are written during my own quest of being able to think smarter. I started out by checking which information was out there: in books, courses and on the internet. Writing what I learned from this research in my blogs. Some of the topics results in new fields that need to be discovered. I sometimes feel like a human web crawler, going from one piece of information to the next.

Because I write it all down in blog posts as I go, I cannot guarantee a good logic behind the order of the blog posts. I will probably end up in many rabbit holes along the way, perhaps some holes are lying close to each other and other holes lie in an entirely different galaxy. Anyway, I want to create a book that is the concise form of all posts I’ve written. I will re-shift and keep all that I think is truly relevant to the case.

I will also include the Dutch Style learning technique in which I really plunge you into it all and make sure you are able to capture and ‘own’ the received information as quickly as possible.


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But as I’m writing this down, the book isn’t there yet. And so the only thing I can ask you is to subscribe to my newsletter to receive at least my booklet: How to Read Smarter. By subscribing you will also receive information when my book will be released. And it does a third thing, it makes me realize that you do want to receive the book and I’m not struggling for this extra effort in vain. So I thank you in advance for your subscribing!